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Our Advantage
High technical treatment of the material selection
All boards are treated with high technology of prevent dampness,mildewing,pollution,and be tested for waterproof by soaking for  more than 24 hours
 More stable quality
Technology and coming materials are tested by personal people,and the defective products are strictly controlled,which are exported to Europe and America.
Professional customization ,Volume production 
Professional engineering and technical team, accept the drawings from customers for mass production,technology design.
 Repeated test
If there is a quality problem that cannot be used and  need to be returned or replaced, after confirmation, we accept unconditional return and replacement and are responsible for the related cost.
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Dongguan Huinan Furniture Co., Ltd. is a high-quality panel furniture manufacturer, the factory covers an area of 13000 square meters, about 150 workers, has a complete set of modern panel furniture production line, dust-free oil room, the main products are bathroom cabinets, at the same time produce a small number of wardrobe, TV cabinets, cabinets, production products with splint, medium fiber board, particleboard as the base material

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When carrying the bathroom cabinet, it should be lifted gently, not dragged hard; when placing, the ground is uneven, and the legs should be padded firmly
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Bathroom cabinet classification Bathroom cabinet classification
Solid wood refers to the cabinet made of solid wood after distillation and dehydration as the base material and processed by N waterproof treatment processes. The table (or basin) can be made of glass, ceramics, stone and artificial stone, as well as the same materials as the cabinet
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